Welcome to HBC Coating

HBC System is the international market leader in SMART Repair and is the only supplier to have a number of Vehicle Manufacturer agreements // Full product, training, sales and marketing programmes with more than two decades in business

Segment Overview

The product range is differentiated from entire markets as HBC Coating offers both a premium professional solution and complete retail package solutions for coating and polish which allows a complete distribution model in each market around the world. By adding the unique complete solution, it allows all stakeholders to maintain the competitive edge and profitability.


Warranty App

The application makes it possible to store the guarantees, once the coating or polish has been applied, simply create a new item, and the customer will be notifyied in an email. In parallel, the Warranty App also notifies users when a warranty is about to expire or when it has expired and is no longer valid / usable. This will result in recurring revenues!