Diamond Polish Pad – Fine CUT Plus

Diamond Polish Pad - Fine CUT Plus (Medium)

Part no.690-2PM

Diamond Polish Pad – Fine CUT Plus – Stage 2 – Light purple – Size M – 135/25mm

New generation
of intelligent Polish Pads

combines the advantages of foam & natural lambswool pads!

3D DIAMOND design increases the surface area of the polishing pad significantly.

Allows you to storage compound within the pad doing the polishing.

Higher speeds (RPM) possible and noticeable reduction in actual polishing time.

Open cell foam pads. Lower temperature build-up of the paint surface.

Enhanced cutting performance and greater yield of the abrasive grains.

Intuitive / easy to use
1. Green Pad & Polish
2. Purple Pad & Polish.


Fine Cut Plus polish is available in 200ml no waste containers and larger 1000ml containers.