Polish Super CUT Plus – Stage 1

Polish Super CUT Plus - Stage 1

Part no.690-1

Easy dispenser system – No wasted products
Only 2 step required to achieve the perfect result

The Super Cut Plus Compound has been designed for applications on used and weathered paint surfaces. The unique Powder Technology provides an outstanding cut, a perfect brilliant mirror-like gloss and a minimum of dust. Effortlessly removes scratches and grit P1500 sanding marks in seconds. Our formula provides the best processing properties on conventional and scratch-resistant paint surfaces. The compound has been specifically developed for the detailer and is approved for painters.

Intelligent Molecule Technology (IMT)

The HBC Coating polish line contain abrasive agents (powder) based on state-of-the-art intelligent molecule technology. The powder removes the dirt from the worn paintwork and polishes out micro-imperfections without causing new ones.

At the heart of every polishing compound is the powder therein that cuts the paint surface at the nanoscale when polishing. Most of the rubbing compounds available today do not contain the appropriate powder for modern requirements. The coarse and hard powder mass cuts deep scratches into the paint, often also because the polishing cloth that is used is either too rough or unsuitable for the application.

BEST IN CLASS FINISH made simple, fast and easy to use

Other products:

  • Utilize chalk as a filling agent
  • Soft abrasive grain = low effciency
  • Irregular grain size
  • Creates micro scratches
  • Difficult to clean
  • High usage of compound
HBC Coating polish:

  • Utilizes aluminium oxide as abrasive ingredient
  • Outstanding handling
  • Consistent grain size without irregularities,
  • Perfect gloss level
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Economical use

KEEPING IT SIMPLE // Our polish line has been created for max performance and outstanding results.


Super Cut Plus can generally be applied with all HBC Coating Polishing Pads. For the best result, we recommend using the HBC Coating Polishing Pads with diamond technology. It can also be applied with rotary as well as orbital polishing machine. Super Cut Plus polish is also available in larger 1000ml containers


For optimal results add stage 2 - Fine Cut Plus Polish and the Fine Cut Diamond Polish Pad. You can also order our Complete Polish Package with everything required in a single system.