Leather Stain Remover

Leather Stain Remover 250 ml

Part no.942

HBC Stain remover removes resistant stains from leather and PVC.

Stain remover removes resistant stains from leather & PVC materials.

Type of Coating
All leather & PVC types, except nubuck & suede

Number of Repairs (avg.)

Time of Repairs (avg.)
1 min.
Depending on size of repair

Instructions for use:
1. Apply a little HBC Stain remover on a clean cloth.
2. Test the colour resistance of the leather on a hidden spot.
3. Rub lightly on the leather to see if there is no colour transfer onto the cloth.
4. If this test is OK, rub lightly with the cloth over the stained area.
5. If needed, treat the stained area once more, checking regularly that no colour is transferred onto the cloth.
6. Clean the treated area with HBC Leather Cleaner.
7. Let dry and apply HBC Leather Guard.



Do not use on aniline, nubuck or suede. Use this product with caution.

Ingredients according Regulation (EC) No 648/2004